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To buy Plexiglas, or acrylic sheet, it is important to first select the thickness and color of the sheet (each color has its own code). Usually the thickness of Plexiglas sheets is from one millimeter to thirty to forty millimeters, but thicker sheets such as 30 and 40 mm are less used in the Iranian market. Also, since Plexiglas colors are usually available in the market, when buying Plexiglas, it is better to tell the seller the exact color code. Types of Plexiglas, such as clear Plexiglas, have a full range of colors from paste and milk to black and blue and other colors, and Plexiglas Gold and Plexiglas are mirrors of other types of Plexiglas sheets that are priced Plexiglas. Depending on the above.

Price of Plexiglas

To buy Plexiglas, you can view and select the latest prices of Ariaplast products according to the color, thickness, sheet dimensions and brand from the Plexiglas price list. You can also call Aria Plast phone numbers and register your order or ask your questions to Aria Plast sales consultants.

Last Update 20 می 2021
Brand Detail Weight Thickness Size Color Made in Price
Transparent Taiwan Delta 2 1840*1230 - Taiwan
Color Delta Taiwan 2 1840*1230 - Taiwan
Transparent Taiwan Delta 2 1840*1230 - Taiwan
Color Delta Taiwan 2 1840*1230 - Taiwan

The basis for calculating all prices is in Tomans.
Check the price update date at the top of the table.
The cost of sending products is the responsibility of esteemed customers.
Aria Plast is the sales representative of the best Plexiglas brands in Iran

To buy Plexiglas, call us: 33975500-021

Buy Plexiglas in different colors:

Pure (000) – Milk (433) – Dough (422) – Bone (402) – Cream (801) – Brown (814) – Gray (504) – Black (502) – Smoked Smoked (530-560) – Blue (327-835) – Green (347-348) – Yellow (235) – Yellow (2016) – Orange (266) – Red (136)


Application of Plexiglas

Jobs and occupations such as panel builders, stand builders, basket makers, and these days also buy Plexiglas to provide a crown protection shield. In the pictures below, you can see examples of the use of Plexiglas in industry.

Plexiglas Shopping Center in Iran

Like many other businesses and guilds in the country, Plexiglas Shopping Center is located in the heart of Tehran’s Old Bazaar and Pamanar Street. Where they work from retailers to manufacturers and distributors. In Pamanar, you can request the price of Plexiglas in bulk and separately. Aria Plast has a colorful presence in this street in terms of cooperation with reputable brands in the field of industrial sheets such as Aida and Navayo, so that many merchants and guilds from Tehran and different cities of the country directly supply their raw materials and orders. . If you are confused about buying Plexiglas, you can read the Plexiglas Buying Guide article.

Frequently Asked Questions by Users

The price of Plexiglas or acrylic, which is a chemical material, depends on the quality and originality of the material
Valia is dependent on and directly affected by changes in the price of this chemical and the dollar exchange rate.

If you are going to buy Plexiglas online, it is better to buy from reputable stores with reputable brands. For face-to-face shopping at Plexiglas Shopping Center in Iran, Pamanar Street is in the heart of Tehran Bazaar. You can also read the article Where to Buy Plexiglas for more information.

Advice on buying Aria Plast products
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